The  DMK member of Lok Sabha, former Central Minister and  Whip of the DMK Parliamentary Party A.Raja  has delivered an effective and informative speech in the Lok Sabha on 1st July, 2019,  putting  centuries  in a capsule,  the entire history of the movement of Social Justice, while speaking  on the issue of the Constitutional Amendment brought  in by the last Lok Sabha  in a hurry to  provide 10% reservation for the poor people among the forward communities. The speech of the member delivered with relevant explanation citing historical evidences is to be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

A.Raja concluded his brief, but a sharp speech, saying that the age of Dronachariyar has come to an end and we will never be the Ekalaivas anymore.

Observations of Justice O.Chinnappa Reddy

A.Raja recorded in the minutes of the LokSabha in beautiful words, the opinion of the most forward thinking Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy, former Justice of the Supreme Court, who has given most suitable explanations in his historical judgments, about the secular and Social Justice  principles enshrined  in the Constitution of India, has given the following opinion in the case of K.C.Vasanth Kumar & Another vs State of Karnataka – “The days of Dronachariya and Ekalaivas are over. ”

Effective actions of DMK Parliamentarians

When the Government has been formed at the Centre by the BJP under the Prime Minister NarendraModi, it was asked by many what will be the use of winning 38 seats in the elections to the Lok Sabha from Tamil Nadu by the alliance of the DMK. Tearing away such arguments put forth by some people either innocently or wantonly, each and every member of DMK were raising slogans of Long Live Periyar! Long live Tamil Language! while taking the oath of their office, proving themselves  that  they belong to the  strongest party of DMK  who can alter the deliberations of the Lok Sabha with their strong and intelligent speeches,  explaining the activities of the anti-people  programmes of the Central Government, like the  imposition of Hindi and Sanskrit languages, NEET examinations  and Hydro Carbon plants. The members of DMK and its allies are making and leaving their mark of impression in both the Houses of Parliament

A.Raja’s speech in Lok Sabha

The provision of (additional) 10% reservation given to the poor people among the forward communities is like pouring boiling water on the roots of the principle of Social Justice.

The S.R.Sinho Committee appointed by the UPA Government has offered its opinion that economic assistance only can be given to the poor people among forward communities and no reservation in education or employment can be given to them. It has also recommended that reservation in education and employment can be given only to the people belonging to the backward classes, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. The petitions filed by the people like us will be taken up by the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court of India on the 30th July 2019.

What is the judgment in the Indra Sawhney Case?

The Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court Rajiv Dawan has not only insisted that Supreme Court take up this case early, but also pointed out that in the case of Indra Sawhney, the Supreme Court has very clearly given a judgment in 1992 stating that reservations can’t be given merely on the basis of economic criteria. After a lapse of 27 years, this 103rd constitutional amendment was brought and passed by both the Houses of Parliament, is against all the laws of the land.

Economic and Political Weekly in its 8th June 2019 edition has published an article written by five university scholars that contains some important information:

The objects and reasons for bringing a constitutional amendment to provide 10 per cent reservation to the ‘economically weaker sections’ among forward castes is that they are not getting adequate or fair representation in education and employment.

What is the fact?

The Five University Scholars in their survey conducted in 445 higher educational institutions recognized by NIRF (National Institution Ranking Frame Work) under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India reveal that ‘economically weaker sections’ among forward castes already had about 28% representation. There is no under representation, in fact over representation, the report reveals.

What is the need for a feast to people who are suffering from indigestion because of over eating

At this stage, what is the need for arranging another feast to the people who are already suffering from indigestion because of over eating?

What is the condition of Ekalaivas who were deprived of the benefits of education for thousands of years? Whether they have actually got adequate representation in education and employment provided as per Articles 15 and 16 of the Constitution of India?

There are no reservations for OBCs in the Central Universities

In an article written by Anish Guptha and Aleyagiri  published  in the Hindu English daily of 2nd July, 2019 it was stated  that an Ordinance  has been promulgated and  passed yesterday (1.7.2019) in the Lok Sabha providing reservations for the posts of professors to be posted for teaching in Central Universities. Reservation in appointment to a total number of 411 posts of Professors intended for OBCs, SCs and STs have not actually been given to those people in 13 Universities for the past 15 years. But for the 10% reservation to the poor people among the forward communities, large number of additional posts, and huge amount of additional funds is being very speedily released now.

For example the OBCs represent 9.8% over all in faculty positions instead of 27%. In higher faculty positions of Professors and Assistant Professors, OBCs represent only 1.22% and 1.44% respectively.

8000 posts in these Central Universities are going to be filled up. An additional fund of Rs.700 has been allocated for the scheme of giving 10% reservation to the poor people belonging to the forward communities.

Please note how urgently they are acting and taking special care on this 10% reservation.

Dear supporters of Social Justice!

The BJP – RSS Government is destroying the very foundation of the principle of social justice.

Please join with us to redeem and establish the rights of Social Justice.


President, Dravidaar Kazhagam,