New Education Policy against Principle of Federalism and Social Justice

The New Education Policy containing 484 pages is against the prinicple of Federalism of our country and against the social justice.

Deep discussions and debates have to be undertaken-More time is required to the public for offering their views and opinions.

Teachers, Students, parents and educationists should not be complacent.

The draft report of the New Education Policy submitted by the Kasturi Rangan Committee is against the principle of the federalism of India and against social justice. A nation-wide debate has to be undertaken in this matter and sufficient time must be given to offer opinion about the new policy and that the public, parents, educationists and students should come forward to consider this matter seriously and do the needful speedily.

National Education Policy – Draft report of the Kasturi Rangan Committee (in English) consists of 484 pages. This report has been published within a week from the date (01/06/2019) of swearing in ceremony of the BJP Government at the Centre headed by Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi.

Thirty days of Time, i.e. up to 30/6/2019 has been given for those who want to offer their views, opinions and suggestions. Knowledgeable persons might have understood the reasons behind the shortest time allowed for the public to offer their views.

Reports of previous Education Commissions:

This New Education Policy, the intention of which is to change the entire system of education from primary level up to the University is quite contrary in many aspects to the reports of earlier Education Commissions set up by the previous Governments.

The recommendations of the previous Commissions on Education Policy –  Dr.S.Radhakrishnan Commission, Sir A.Ramasamy Mudaliar Commission  and Dr. Kothari Commission – have been changed topsy-turvy in  this  present new education policy report, decorated with cosmetic words in English and reflects entirely the ideology of the RSS.

As pointed out by the Senior Educationist S.S.Rajagopalan, instead of giving the report in 41 pages, the Commission has given a 484 page report only to confuse the readers and make them unconscious thro’ chloroform.

Two language policy to be demolished?

Tamil Nadu immediately identified that the intention of the report of the Committee is to demolish the two language formula practiced in Tamil Nadu for the past 50 years, to impose the language of Hindi and Sanskrit in educational institutions, encroaching the powers of the State Government. As soon as a strong opposition has been voiced from Tamil Nadu, realising that there is possibility for the pressure formed in Tamil Nadu to convert as cyclone, without consulting other members of the Committee and even without any formal meeting, it was announced all of a sudden that the teaching of Hindi in non-Hindi states will not be compulsory, but three language formula will be there.

As soon as we pointed out that this method of side tracking the attention of the people is clearly a cheating tactics, the people of Tamil Nadu have woken up and says that they do not want the three language formula, the aim of which is to snatch away the rights of the states. With this a lull has been created that made people to think that the expression of opinion in this matter came to an end.

Time given to the public for offering opinion is not enough

Thirty days of time given to the students, parents, teachers and educationists for studying this 484 page report and to offer their views and opinions, is not sufficient.

1. The Central Government should at least give extension of time up to  3 to 6 months, giving opportunity to undertake public debates all over the country among the teachers, educationists, parents and students and to ascertain their views and opinions.

It is our desire and request that all educationists, all those administering schools and educational institutions and all the parents have to insist this course of action. Otherwise, everything will become confused and dangerous in future. We shall study the report in detail and offer our opinion.

Against the principle of federal state of India

2. The intention is not only to impose the languages of Hindi and Sanskrit in all educational institutions, but also to demolish the philosophy of federal state and to proclaim single governance and a single language throughout India.

The entire report of this committee seems to have swallowed the entire allocation of rights to make laws among state and central governments in (1) Central List (2) State List and (3) Concurrent list.

It seems from this report that all the acts and laws governing the system of education from the primary level up to the level of the University is planned to be totally changed altogether.

3. It does not seem from this report that the basic structure of the Constitution of India, that assures social justice, reservation and opportunity to get education and other cultural rights and rights of minorities under Articles 15(4), 16(4), 29  are protected.

The terms of merit, efficiency and economic criteria have been imposed in this report.

No mention has been made in the report about implementation of implement reservation policy in admissions to educational institutions or in appointments to the posts of professors and teachers.

We therefore request all the students, parents, teachers, and educationists not to be complacent in this matter and act speedily to prevent the implementation of this new education policy, which will be very harmful for us. We think that it is better to be prepared to prevent in advance the fire before it starts than dowsing it later.

This new education policy must thoroughly be analysed and discussed threadbare by all the educationists, teachers and public. This problem can’t be solved by mere noisy and confusing media debates.

All the scholars, educationists, state ministers, people interested in the principle of social justice and other people involved in public service should undertake deep and purposeful discussion among themselves. Only then, we can remove what has to be removed and take what has to be taken.

Be careful!   Be careful!!  Be careful!!!

There will be no use to lock the barracks after the horse is lost.


Editor, Viduthalai and President, Dravidar Kazhagam
Chennai, 11-06-2019